Look at the world around you. What do you see that needs to be changed?

Maybe something small – like trash in the park, or maybe something big like homelessness in your community.

Why do you think it hasn’t been changed?

Is it that no one cares? Is it that people don’t know what to do? Unlikely.

I think it’s often because we do not care enough to act. We are more afraid afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone, or breaking away from the pack, than doing what we know we need to do in order to make something right.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons for not getting involved with certain issues and crises. We can’t be responsible for everything.

However, I wonder how many times we have a “legitimate reason” versus an excuse.

My encouragement: If you care about something, do it. You might find than when you break from the pack, others will follow.

Spencer Dusebout
Founder & President

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