A friend of mine started a small business in college. He asked several people to join him – I was not one of them.

I felt betrayed, and bitter. Why would he not choose me? Why would he not consult me? I called our entire friendship into question.

When I finally spoke to him about it he was genuinely surprised – and mortified – by my reaction. He thought there was no way I would have the time or interest to help with all I had going on at the time.

As I considered his point of view, I realized he was right – even if he asked me to join I probably would have turned him down. Maybe he should have given me a heads up, but I also should have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Consider this quote: “Trust takes a lifetime to build, and a second to destroy.”

People in our lives, whom we trust, should be given the benefit of the doubt, until proven otherwise. Innocent, until proven guilty.

Perhaps there is someone in your life you need to give the benefit of the doubt. My two cents… talk to them. Be open and honest.

It’s not worth risking a relationship over a misunderstanding.

Spencer Dusebout
Founder & President

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