What Are Advocacy Clubs?

H4O Advocacy Clubs are grassroots movements of college students taking a stand for the global community.

The primary function of an H4O club is Global Advocacy. We believe that the underprivileged, abused, and displaced people of the world do not need handouts, they need advocacy. They need people to believe in their ability to make a life for themselves with the proper help to propel them forward. We seek to provide advocacy by spreading awareness, and more importantly, sharing resources.

Through fundraising campaigns and awareness projects, our students have brought clean water to over 250,000 people around the world and aid to refugees displaced in and around Syria.

Our Advocacy Clubs put leadership skills to the test by organizing campaigns, projects, and movements on their campuses. In so doing, they are being a new generation of global advocates.

Why Start an Advocacy Club on Your Campus?

If you think your campus is ready to translate opinions into action, then consider starting an H4O Advocacy Club on your campus. Our Advocacy Clubs empower students to take a stand for the suffering and underprivileged. We give students a platform to make real and sustainable change in people’s lives.

Students that engage in the Hands 4 Others clubs will have the opportunity to:

- Learn about leadership, global advocacy, nonprofits, and social business through the Global Leadership Course. -

- Travel abroad with the H4O team to volunteer and bring aid. -

- Have community service hours. -

- Apply for Summer internships with Hands 4 Others. -

- Expand your resume and gain critical life skills. -

- Have access to the Hands 4 Others network, receive professional mentorship as well as letters of recommendation. -