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Learn About Leadership

Start by learning what it means to be an effective leader. All Global Interns get access to our award-winning online leadership course as well an accomplished mentor associated with the Global Internship Program. From PR and Marketing executives, to Founders of publicly traded companies, we are very proud to connect students with a remarkable list of mentors!

Complete Your Global Challenge

How will you impact the world? We will guide you step-by-step as you come up with a manageable project that will make a global impact. We need help on numerous existing projects, but we encourage creativity. With the help of your mentor, you will be able to engage your community and bring about positive change in the world. We give you the tools, you make the change.


Once you finish your global challenge, we will give you the opportunity to come on a “vision trip” with us to travel and see the impact you made firsthand. Additionally, we will give you access to the Global Internship network and will write you a letter of recommendation, both of which will be helpful for whatever you decide to do. Take these tools and go change the world!

Q: Where is the internship located?

A: The internship is remote. We want you to engage in your own community and create a culture of generosity and advocacy right where you are. Making the internship remote allows us to bring diversity and reach to the mission.

Q: How long is the internship?

A: The internship is based on completion, not a specific timeline. Some interns complete the program in three weeks, others take three months. There is flexibility depending on your level of dedication.

Q: Do I get to travel?

A: Yes! Many interns, as an optional culmination of their experience, get to travel abroad to meet those they have been advocating for. We call these experiences Vision Trips. A chance for us to help, work, learn, grow, and interact.

Q: Will I get college credit?

A: Many colleges offer college credit for our internship if an internship is required to complete a course or a graduation requirement. Others do not. It is a case by case basis. We will gladly work with your supervisor.

Q: Will I get mentorship from Hands 4 Others?

A: Any intern that is accepted into the program will be paired up with an H4O Mentor. It is his/her job to guide you through the program, and help you better grasp your plans for the future.

Q: Is this a paid internship?

A: It is a volunteer internship with the opportunity to travel and gain work experience as well as something to put on your resume. However, by nature of a nonprofit, the internship is unpaid.

Q: What is your method for bringing aid to foreign countries?

A: We strongly believe that the burden of changing a community does not lie solely on one nonprofit’s shoulders. We partner with several other nonprofits to ensure a holistic and sustainable method of aid is given to those in need. Our two main focuses are bringing clean water and community empowerment to developing countries, and sustainable aid to refugees. We partner with people in-country to ensure aid is given with love, attention to detail, and cultural awareness.


Katharine Dixon
Fordham University, New York

I don’t think there is a better organization to take your first professional steps with than H4O. This was my first internship, and as soon as I was accepted into the program, I was ecstatic. I hit the ground running and began my first phone call with an idea already in my head to host a concert for team Water: East Africa. The mentor calls were extremely helpful and I looked forward to sharing my ideas and getting feedback. After each call, the micro-goals helped keep everything on track.

The goals and mentor calls helped me get over the initial fear of speaking to adults and taking complete responsibility. The online leadership course was also a great experience. It helped me learn a lot about myself and how I can improve to become a successful leader. My favorite resource however was the team calls. It was so awesome to meet other interns and hear their ideas and advice.

I did not push fundraising through my website as much as I should have. I do regret not sending out more emails for fundraising. It caused me a lot of stress going into the event because I was nowhere close to my goal. I mainly advertised for my event through social media, postcards in the mail, and word of mouth. And after two months of organizing, planning, and delegating, I hosted my benefit concert. I was hoping to hit $1000 at the event, and I surpassed that with flying colors. Over 60 people came to the event, the local church in my town donated baked goods for a bake sale, and I raised almost $2000.

Overall, this internship was an amazing experience. I learned so much about myself and gained valuable skills that I will use in the real world. This internship has been extremely rewarding and I am so glad to be a part of a team making positive tangible change in the world.

“H4O helped me to stand out. Everyone I knew in High School was involved in some club or program, but H4O actually teaches you about leadership and gives you a tangible opportunity to lead. I’m glad I took advantage of it!”

Jack Palmer
University of California, Berkeley

“H4O gave me the ability to develop and use my leadership abilities. As class president at Yale, I can confidently say that I would not be in this position without participating in this program.”

Sarah Armstrong
Class President at Yale

Courtney Mitchell
Colgate University, New York

Being an intern for Hands 4 Others this summer was an extremely fulfilling experience. The fact that the money I helped raise will directly support people in need in Uganda is an amazing feeling, and something that I will always keep with me. Organizing and completing a swim-a-thon this summer with the help of Zak [my H4O mentor] gave me the confidence I needed to understand that I can do anything I set my mind to, and can really make a difference in the world. I loved being able to explain what Hands 4 Others stands for, and explain to each kid that participated in my swim-a-thon how they were helping someone in need. To see kids ages 4-18 light up when they realized they were making a difference in the world was an image that I will never get out of my head. I would like to thank the Hands 4 Others team for giving me the chance to realize my potential and create such a difference with my own ideas.

Nande Taylor
University of Southern California

H4O gave me the platform to improve upon my leadership skills. While working on the refugee initiative, I realized that focusing on global health issues is my passion. This led to my decision to pursue a Master's degree in Public Health (MPH). Now I attend the University of Southern California's MPH program with a concentration in Global Health Leadership. Thank you H40 for helping me discover what my true purpose is, and for giving me the tools to put my plans into action!

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