San Antonio - San Rafael, Lempira - Honduras


13° 53' 37.5756" N, 87° 48' 24.0876" W

Community Information

  • Location: This village is located in the Municipality of San Rafael, Department of Lempira, easthern Honduras.
  • Population: Total people in the village is 2,500, 700 children and 1,800 adults.
  • Every 15 seconds a child under the age of five dies from a water-related illness
  • Local Partner: The Congregational Church, along with The Junta de Agua, Patronato and Parent's Association

Project Costs

Equipment & Transportation50%$12,500
Community Development40%$10,000
Community Assessment10%$2,500
Estimated Cost for this Project$25,000

* This Project will provide 'save drinking water' to 2,500 people at a cost of about $10.00 per person.

Community Assessment

The assessment has been completed, and the safe water solution proposed is to install a Living Water™ Treatment System to treat piped water. A generator and a surface pump will be used to bring the water through the LWTS™ to a distribution center. The formed Safe Water Commission and the Catholic Church would be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the System.

Equipment & Transportation

Includes safe water system(s), associated hardware, overseas shipment, and local transportation to the receiving community.

Community Development

  • Initial installation and start-up of the safe water system(s)
  • Sustainability training (operation, maintenance, and financing)
  • Health and hygiene training
  • 12-month monitoring and evaluation
  • Ministry plan for sharing the "Living Water" message - Implementing Partner will be the local Congregational Church.



"All our communities in this Municipality are in desperate need for a safe water source since all of them just get 'piped water' without any treatment at all. We have requested these type of Projects to the Government and several other local ogranizations but up to now we haven't had any luck getting a positive reply from them and we hope this time we'll get what we need from WMI"
Arnoldo Hernandez
San Rafael, Lempira

"Our church would support very strongly this project, and we think it wille a god opportunity for church growth since we'll have the chance to dedicate our service to the people and give them the message of the Living Water that is Jesus"
Jose B. Garcia
Pastor, Assembly of God
Queruco - San Rafael, Lempira

"Just get us some good drinking water and we'll take responsibility for children's health... is all we've been asking our friends from many organizations but nothing to date"
Manuel Garcia
San Antonio, Lempira