If we are being honest, culture right now is filled with many moral dilemmas. I mean, maybe it is the media that makes us cynical, but the world is definitely in a foggy place ethically.

We live in a world of moral relativism, which means “right” and “wrong” are a bit blurred at the moment. While there is much to gripe about, let’s turn to the good things in culture. Good men and women around the world are desperately trying to lay a moral foundation for society to rebuild what it has lost. These people fighting the good fight are what I like to call Advocates.

These are people that stand up for those that go unnoticed and lost in the fray of biased news, celebrity fashion, crazy world-leaders, and Netflix. These advocates are nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, religious leaders, and activists that refuse to let the bigger issues go unnoticed.

While the world is looking at Trump’s latest Tweet, Advocates are paying attention to the refugee women being sold into sex trafficking, the Somali orphans, underprivileged kids that need an education, and domestic violence cases in the United States.

Those that have learned the Art of Advocacy know how to tune out infotainment, and hone in on news that matters for the good of society.

The key difference between an Advocate and the rest of the outraged world is the Advocate is creating avenues for change to be made. They are building up a culture of generosity – and making a space for people to act upon their passions.

Advocates create a space for ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact… What kind of space are we creating?

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