The simplest definition of a leader is a person who leads others towards a common goal. A transformational leader also focuses on transforming their followers as they collectively work towards that goal.

Transformational leaders must care about their team, alongside achieving a goal.

This creates a delicate tension between caring too much for your team that nothing gets done, and caring too much for achievement that your team feels expendable.

Also, what about the leader? Aren’t they trying to advance their own interests?

The short answer is: What interest? The transformational leader’s interests are the end goal and the development of the personnel. One cannot be a transformational leader and be myopic or selfish.

It’s not easy to be a leader. It is often hard enough to lead ourselves towards a goal, let alone other people. It is hard enough to push ourselves towards becoming the best person we can become, let alone others as well.

Yet transformational leaders achieve those goals, develop a team, and take no credit for their successes as they look to give credit to their team before they take any for themselves.

Transformational leaders do not promote themselves and often go undiscovered, yet their value is absolute.

The world needs more transformational leaders – will you be one of them?

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